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Image of bourbon barrels in a distillery warehouse

Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Our mission is to protect the public welfare and interest by regulating the alcoholic beverage industry through licensing, education and the enforcement of alcohol laws and regulations, as well as combating youth access to alcoholic beverages and
tobacco products in the Commonwealth.  

ABC Online Services
Everyone has an option to use our online license look-up tool on this webpage.  The look-up tool is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and is simple to use.  Click on the Online Services link on the top yellow navigational bar, and scroll to the license lookup option.  From there you can access our active license database and find up to date information regarding the issue and expiration dates of active licenses, lease or deed information, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and ownership.  If you know the site id or license number you may use that to query the information, but if you only have the business name, or address that can be used as well.  
The ABC web page also offers a variety of licensing reports that can be used to research information you need.  This tool allows you have the option of sorting data by different methods to aid you in your search.
Another helpful tip is if you are at the licensed location and you want to verify a license’s status use a QR reader on your smart phone and scan the QR code that is located in the left hand corner of every license.  That will take you straight to the ABC web page and give you the most updated information available.