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Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Our mission is to protect the public welfare and interest by regulating the alcoholic beverage industry through licensing, education and the enforcement of alcohol laws and regulations, as well as combating youth access to alcoholic beverages and
tobacco products in the Commonwealth. 

New State ABC Laws as of July 15, 2014

Changes to alcoholic beverage laws from the 2014 General Assembly are now in effect. Please read the fact sheet and letters below for a detailed explanation of the new ABC laws.

** Please Note: Effective July 15, 2014, all new cider brands below 7 percent alcohol by volume (weak cider) must be registered as a malt beverage using ABC Form 714. For existing brands, the department is beginning the process of transitioning all weak cider brands from wine to malt beverage. However, all ciders below 7 percent may not appear on the malt beverage brand registration report. Please check with the department if a brand does not appear on the report.

Summary of 2014 Legislative Changes in ABC Laws (revised 7-17-2014)

Letter to Local ABC Administrators regarding Temporary Licenses

Letter to Local Administrators

Letter to Small Farm Wineries regarding Sunday Sales

Wholesaler/Distributor Instructional Letter regarding Cider 

ABC Law Changes from 2013

ABC Summit Information

Senate Bill 13 Fact Sheet for Licensees

Senate Bill 13 Fact Sheet for Local ABC Administrators

Senate Bill 13 Fact Sheet for Microbreweries Distributors and Wholesalers

2013 ABC License Types and Fees

KRS 243.430 provides that state license applications may be rejected if incomplete or if the correct fee has not been remitted with the application. Effective Nov. 1, 2013, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control will reject any application for a state license if the application is incomplete or correct fee not paid, in furtherance of this statutory objective.

804 KAR 4:250(2) provides that a Special Temporary License Application must be filed at least five working days prior to the date for which the license is requested. Effective Nov. 1, 2013, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control will deny any Special Temporary License Application that is not received by the department at least five working days before the requested license date. Temporary license applications also will be rejected if they lack local administrator approval as required by KRS 243.370.


 Links to the ABC Statutes and Regulations


 ABC News Releases