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Image of Licensing Files

Division of Licensing

The licensing division runs under the direction of the distilled spirits and the malt beverage administrators. More than 11,000 new and renewal license applications are processed annually. This division must review applications for 44 different license types to ensure each applicant is in compliance before final approval is granted.  The division also tracks every brand of distilled spirits, wine and malt beverage sold in Kentucky, as well as what territory these brands may be distributed.


 Licensing Resources

Wet Dry List.pdf
City ABC Administrators.doc
County ABC Administrators.doc
Election Day Sales.pdf

 Licensing Division Staff


ABC Administrators:

Distilled Spirits Administrator, Tony Dehner
Malt Beverage Administrator, Stephanie Stumbo
Licensing Division Staff: 

Sonya Semones, Assistant Director
Katie Austin, Administrative Specialist III
Tamara Hawkins, Administrative Specialist II
Jeremy D. Blackburn, Administrative Specialist II
Jamar Carter, Administrative Specialist I
Sara Sweigard, Administrative Specialist I
Cassie Huckeba, Administrative Specialist I
Andrea Clay, Administrative Specialist I