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Licensing Files

Licensing Applications

License Information and Forms
ABC applications and forms may be printed, filled out and submitted to ABC via mail or fax. Old ABC applications are no longer in use.  Please use the new applications posted on this website.  If you have printed and retained copies of old applications, be sure to disregard those and replace with all new versions.  Old ABC applications submitted to our office will be rejected.

collapse   : 1: Basic Application Documents ‎(8)
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Affidavit of Publication form only
collapse   : 2: Temporary Application Documents ‎(2)
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Select this document if you would like information or to apply for a temporary license. (Available only for a non-profit charitable organization, racing association, political campaign function, or for-profit in conjunction with civic events.)
collapse   : 3: Out-of-State Application Documents ‎(2)
If you would like information or to apply for a license as a special agent/solicitor or an out-of-state distiller, out-of-state winery, out-of-state brewer, or out-of-state supplier, please select this document.
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collapse   : 4: Supplemental Application Documents ‎(2)
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