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Licensing Files

Licensing Applications




collapse   : 1: Basic Application Documents ‎(8)
Basic Application Packet (Fillable Forms)
Basic Application Packet (Print Only)
Basic Application Only (Print Only)
Affidavit of Publication form (Print Only)
Information sheet of Individual States' Background Check Processes
Renewal Schedule and License Expiration Dates
List of License Types with Fees
Form for EFT/ACH or Credit Card Payment
collapse   : 2: Temporary Application Documents ‎(2)
Application for Temporary Event (Print Only)
Application for Temporary Event (Fillable Forms)
collapse   : 3: Out-of-State Application Documents ‎(2)
Application for Transporter/Solicitor/Out-of-State (Print Only)
Application for Transporter/Solicitor/Out-of-State (Fillable Forms)
collapse   : 4: Supplemental Application Documents ‎(2)
Supplemental License Application (Print Only)
Supplemental License Application (Fillable Forms)